In the name of Allah, the Merciful to all, the Compassionate

The Bill 21, which passed recently in Quebec’s legislation, prohibits people in positions of public authority from wearing religious symbols while at work. It would prevent a teacher, police officer or judge from wearing a hijab or turban, for example.

Provincial legislators say it ensures religious neutrality and secularism in the public service. Others claim it creates a second-class citizenship, and “state-sanctioned discrimination”. One politician said “Our position is clear: it’s not up to politicians to tell people what to wear or not to wear,”

Although some of these statements are considerable, and the Bill 21 can be legally challenged, as unconstitutional, but the whole idea of the Bill is based on fallacy and disinformation.

Let me explain.

Firstly, The whole idea of wearing clothing, and covering body, is religious. Covering the body is a symbol of honor, inherited from monotheistic religions. This idea is based on the story of Adam and eve in heaven. When Satan deceived them, as a result, they lost their clothing and got naked. So not wearing clothing is considered as "deceived by Satan".

Secular people may not recognize the origin of this tradition of wearing clothing. But they cannot deny it. If they try to come up with another story, they cannot. Because most of what people wear today, is not for protecting them from cold and sun and wind. Whoever ignores that origin, is just ignorant.

So, if the logic of the Bill 21 is to ban religious symbols, wearing anything at all should be banned; including underpants and bras. If they want to protect secularism in the public service, based on that fallacy, they should start with banning underpants.

Secondly, If they accept that people need to protect their God-given dignity, by wearing clothing, they cannot force them to wear a special type of clothing over the other types.

Hijab is just one form of clothing, or part of a dress, and it’s as religious as any other parts of clothing; at least not more religious than underpants.

Unfortunately, this era is way darker than dark ages of Europe; reasoning and wisdom are the casualties of man’s whim. May almighty have mercy on us all, and helps these retards in Quebec’s legislation to come to their senses.