The best people who can tell us “what’s wrong with Nazism in Ukraine?”, are National Socialists themselves. This is how they describe it:[1]

“Since the occupation of Crimea, the spread of Nazism in Ukraine has been largely tolerated. But which Nazism? There are many differences between the Nazism of 1933 and the Nazism of today. I would like to present you the simplest example. The person who financed the establishment of Azov Division was Igor Kolomoyski. Kolomoyski is a Jew.”

“When we look at International National Socialism, we see that our ideology has degenerated in many areas.”

What we are witnessing in Ukraine, has the same pattern with the struggle in Middle East:

Liberals/Neoconservatives take a historic Ideology/Movement; and, with a few twists and turns, they create a “Gun for Hire” from it; to play as a pawn in their chessboard.

“Why we have Sunni and Shiʿa communities spread all over Syria/Iraq/Iran?” The reason is that they could coexist with each other for centuries in peace. There is no fundamental differences in beliefs that can justify eternal wars. If it was the case, we did not have both sects living together in one country, and even in one community. They go to school/university together, work together, and intermarry.

But with a few ideological twists and turns, liberals/Neoconservatives could create ISIS (Daesh), so they can wage “The New Thirty Years' War”; according to Richard Haass, head of Council on Foreign Relations.[2]

The goal was to wipe all of the Middle Eastern nations off the map, and create new ones; after the “birth pangs of a new Middle East” (as described by Condoleezza Rice, former Secretary of State) .

Obviously, that 30 years of war did not materialise; because there was no real religious struggle, fomenting such a war.

Although ISIS claimed that they commit “the true and pure Sunni beliefs”, it was the Sunnis who fought them most, and defeated them.

As a matter of fact, Liberalism is a fluid ideology, which can take any shape and form. That’s why they can create a Nazi group (without believing in National Socialism, and with a Jewish identity); or building an Islamic fundamentalist Takfiri group, which their only mission is “to kill Muslims”.


🔗[2] The New Thirty Years’ War