Every one of the leaders participating in the “Emergency Organization of Islamic Cooperation Summit” agreed that the Israeli killing of Palestinians should stop, and Palestinians should not be displaced outside of Gaza.

Some of them demanded a two-state solution with Palestine established on 1967 borders with East Jerusalem as its capital.

Some of them claimed that “the International community failed to find a solution for the Palestinian conflict”.

But before it is a failure of the International community, it’s a failure of 57 Muslim countries, who cannot form a united front to protect their own people.

We all know that European countries fought each other in WW2, and killed millions of one another’s populations. Even after the end of the war, the allied powers killed 7 million germans kept in open air camps.

Now suppose a foreign power attacks Germany, or even one of the tiny states which has no defense treaty with other countries - all of the former adversaries join hands to defend them.

If Gaza was a tiny european state, no one in europe would allow bombing civilians in it, no matter what.

It’s common-sense in europe that they respect european lives, even for nations who were adversaries a few decades ago.

Unfortunately, Islamic nations do not have the same mutual respect among themselves.

It’s a commandment of the Quran, to be رُحَمَاءُ بَيْنَهُمْ, which means “to be compassionate among themselves”.

Western cultures follow the Quran’s advice, but unfortunately Muslims are farthest from it.

It would be really easy for Egypt to establish a “no fly zone” over Gaza, and for the “Axis of Resistance” members to render Israeli airbases, which are used to bomb Gaza, useless.

No need to put Israel in a life or death situation. Just to remind them “killing civilians, especially children, and bombing hospitals is not an option.

If Islamic countries reached the same level of compassion and mutual respect that europeans show toward each other, no power in the world would be able to treat them like worthless animals.