In the name of Allah, the Merciful to all, the Compassionate

A while ago I saw a Malaysian shampoo commercial, in which a young Muslim girl, wearing a head-scarf, mimicking what one expects from a western TV commercial. I’m bringing this up just to remind young Muslims that they do not need to mimic western culture. They do not need to blend their way of life with western culture. Assimilating into western culture is a bad idea, as it is becoming more and more corrupt.

Today, capitalism, consumer culture, materialism and homosexuality are bringing the western civilization to its knees. The fertility rate is near zero, and some western nations’ population is in decline. As a result, they have to open their borders to migrants, because they don’t have young working people, and their youths are drug-addicted, music-addicted, game-addicted, and so on. Unfortunately, people’s arrogance is preventing them from facing the reality that their own mistakes and sins caused this mess, and instead of blaming Muslims for their own problems, they should blame themselves. Sooner or later they will come to their senses and face the fact that they are reaping what they sow.

In Noah’s era, people became as arrogant and sinful as they are today. Their fertility rate declined to the level that they did not have kids for decades. So with or without the flood, that civilization would have been extinct anyway. As you may have heard, Noah built an ark before the flood, and saved the righteous people along with some animals who could not survive otherwise. The flood was not supposed to destroy people, because their own arrogance and sins were enough to destroy them. But the flood was there to clear the memory of mankind of their way of life, and to prevent the resurgence of their lifestyle millennia later.

Now, western culture is on its path to self-destruction, the same as people in Noah’s era. We Muslims should design our own way of life. We don’t need to copy any ideas we find in the west. Humans are born to be creative - if you find a good idea, try to devise something better than that. You do not need to use a second-hand one.

Contrary to the claim that western culture respects women rights, it has the worst record in history. Using women in sexist commercials is a clear indication for disregard of women’s dignity. So if you are going to do something like this commercial, don’t imitate the westerners. Ideate and find creative solutions that comply with common sense.