In the name of Allah, the Merciful to all, the Compassionate

Speaking to the Religious News Service, cardinal Raymond Burke said there is “no question that Islam wants to govern the world” and that the only way to save Western civilisation is to return it to its Christian roots. Personally, I prefer to see the western civilization return to Christianity, and replace this evil system of usury and greed. However, using the fear of Islam, as a catalyzer, for such a transition is just immoral.

Cardinal Burke said that while muslims were “lovely people”, their religion teaches that it should dominate the state, and any country with a muslim majority must submit to the Islamic law.

“When they become a majority in any country then they have the religious obligation to govern that country,” the cardinal added. “If that’s what the citizens of a nation want, well, then, they should just allow this to go on. But if that’s not what they want, then they have to find a way to deal with it.”

When asked how the West should respond to increasing Islamisation, Cardinal Burke said:

“I think the appropriate response is to be firm about the Christian origin of our own nation, and certainly in Europe, and the Christian foundations of the government, and to fortify those.”

What the American cardinal said is a fact that we muslims have known for centuries:

Without Islam, Christianity would be long vanished and forgotten; ironically a fear of Islam and Islamophobia are the only tools the leaders of church have to revive it.

If the leaders of the Christian faith try to find something to blame, the only culprit they can find is the church itself. They have done many things wrong, a few of which I will mention here:

Clerical Celibacy

Clerical celibacy is not a doctrine, but an invented discipline. Obviously the almighty God does not order people to do something that they cannot afford doing. This discipline pushed priests to paedophilia and adultery, so nobody could trust them. This unnecessary discipline ruined their reputation, and left no credit for them.

Doctoring the Bible

The Bible we have today, attributes nasty accusations to the messengers of the Almighty God, and depicts them as adulterers and illegitimates who committed many sins. A true religion cannot ask people to follow the path of such messengers. Obviously, this Bible is doctored, and it cannot be an authentic one.

Here is a brief list of such false claims:

  • In Exodus 32, is written that Aaron, the brother of Moses and a messenger of God, made an idol for his people in Moses’ absence. How can a true believer remain a believer when the scripture itself accuses a messenger of creating idols?
  • Kings 1:11 explains Solomon’s idolatry in his old age. The Quran recognizes Solomon as a pious Messenger of Allah, and denounces such false accusations. I wonder who the priests that doctored the Bible were serving.
  • Genesis 19:31-38 is about Lot and his daughters, who made him drink wine and laid down with him .
  • Genesis 3:7-11 is about Adam and Eve hiding themselves behind trees, and the Lord God walking in the garden could not find them.
  • However, on three occasions in the Bible the ancestors of Jesus Christ were children of adulterers. In Joshua 2:1 describes Rahab, the mother of Boaz, as a prostitute. Perez who is described in Genesis 38:29, Matthew 1:2, and Luke 3:33 is also the son of an adulterer. 2nd Samuel 11 describes how David committed adultery with Uriah’s wife, and she became pregnant to Solomon. Matthew 1:1-7 introduces Perez, Boaz, and Solomon as the ancestors of Jesus. That contradicts with what Deuteronomy 23:2 & 17 says.
  • Deuteronomy 23:2 & 17 strictly condemns adultery and says “No one born of a forbidden union may enter the assembly of the Lord”. If three of the ancestors of Jesus were illegitimate, according to the Bible, Jesus has no place in the assembly of the LORD. It means that this Bible we have in our hands is a doctored one, it contradicts itself and it cannot be authentic.

On the other hand, what Quran narrated about Mary, Jesus, Solomon, Lot, and other messengers, is entirely respectful. The Jesus described in the Bible has no dignity, and no one can believe him to be the son of God, or even an ordinary messenger. In fact the narration of the Quran about Jesus and Mary is the main reason people can still respect and believe them.

Without the Quran Christianity would be doomed, and destined to be found only in history books. What the Cardinal does not mention is:

Why is Islam the fastest growing religion in western countries?

The Spanish Inquisition, started around 5 hundred years ago, was the last arrow that the Catholic church fired to keep their rein and dominance. At the end of Renaissance Era, Christianity was basically dead, and for the last two or three centuries, there was no sign of life in churches. There are many abandoned churches in Europe, just because there is no worshipper to go there. Nowadays in many churches, priests perform the Blessing of Pets, and same-sex unions, which is absolutely humiliating.

In the last few centuries, liberal democracy, which succeeded the church in western civilization, is at the end of its road. The whole civilization is founded on usury and greed, sugar-coated with democracy. No civilization could thrive on usury, and the western civilization is no exception.

The western civilization has nothing to offer people, and this is why they convert to Islam in increasing numbers. In reality, the American dream translates to a widening gap between the social classes: the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer.

The demise of liberal democracy is imminent. When it reaches its inevitable end, it must be replaced – and, as it was, in itself, an alleged solution to the problems of the church, it cannot be replaced by Christianity.