In the name of Allah, the Merciful to all, the Compassionate

The mainstream belief is the western civilization is so advanced and so extra-ordinary that you cannot find any relation between the contemporary ideas with ancient ones. But that’s not true. Contrary to this, most of ideas that you see in technology, movies, and even Sci-Fi, are actually recycled ideas from past.

It’s once said that if you need an exotic and futuristic idea, you have to dig deeper in the history. As H.G. Wells said “Human history is, in essence, a history of ideas”. It would be easier to dig in the history for brilliant ideas than to develop a new one. Some of the old ideas are so other-worldly and brilliant that you cannot make anything that can match that.

The obsession with people turn to zombies and Zombie attacks, is gripping western societies. Many people buy weapons and ammunition just to be ready for an eventual face-down with zombies. Zombie stories shown in movies and TV series have a flavor of modernity. A mutation or a bio-weapon developed by a rogue country turns people to zombies.

Wikipedia traces the notion of Zombie in stories back to 1819. But in fact the idea of people turn to zombies is quite old. The first story I can mention is a story in Torah about a group of fishermen who violated Sabbath, and The Almighty God turned them into monkeys.

Also, it’s quoted from Muhammad, the messenger of Allah, that in the end-times people commit so much sin; in such a level that justifies Almighty God’s wrath. One of the punishments sanctioned upon sinful people is to turn them to animals. The prophet named this condition Maskh (مسخ). In the end-times some who are normal and healthy, suddenly start behaving like animals. This punishment was not supposed to be a result of a voodoo spell, a bio-weapon, or a virus; but just a punishment that alerts them that the Almighty’s wrath is upon their heads.

But Hollywood twisted that story, just to let people stay ignorant.