In the name of Allah, the Merciful to all, the Compassionate

In recent days I wrote a few articles about Charlie Hebdo attack and why it’s quite safe to conclude that it was a false flag. Moreover I brought some links from other sites, in the News List section. In this article I want to look at this incident from another point of view.

Charlie Hebdo attack was a Psy-Op, tragic enough to drive people crazy to stampede in streets, united under one flag and one slogan, defending values they hold most dear.

Wait a minute: The problem is they have no idea what those values are.

What we are witnessing in western countries, is not any different from what you see or hear what North Korea looks like. Leaders drive people like a herd of cattle to march, which all the banners are mass-produced and given out to them.

If it’s about freedom of speech, they never had freedom of expression and speech before.

I quote a few paragraphs from Brandon Martinez’ article:

The hypocrisy is stunning. Like most of Europe today, France is certainly not a bastion of freedom of speech, having implemented numerous draconian laws over the years, especially the infamous “Gayssot Act” which criminalizes opinions that contradict official World War II and ‘holocaust’ historiography. French revisionists such as Robert Faurisson,Vincent Reynouard and others who have questioned the “Six Million” mythology have been jailed and fined extortionate amounts of money by the French state for their dissident historical viewpoints. The existence of such repressive laws in France unveils the duplicity of the new found love of free speech being expressed by the likes of French President Francois Hollande and his ministers.

Taking a page out of Stalin’s playbook, the French regime recently banned pro-Palestine protests, even going so far as to prosecute a number of prominent pro-Palestinian activists as “hate criminals.” And while France’s reprobate leaders fully sanction and even encourage satirical assaults upon Islam and Muslims in the name of “free speech” –not to mention lobbing bombs on Muslims in places like Libya and Mali –these same miscreants have outlawed any parodying of Zionism and Jewish privilege.

While championing Charlie Hebdo’s anti-Muslim cartoons as “free expression,” France’s mealy-mouthed political class have simultaneously led a ceaseless witch-hunt against French comedian Dieudonne, whose anti-Zionist parodies have angered the country’s Jewish ruling class. French authorities have enacted stiff bans against the wildly popular Dieudonne, preventing him from performing at public venues across the country under penalty of prison time and fines. Britain too has banned the comic from entering that country on the grounds that his famous “Quenelle” gesture resembles a Nazi salute and is therefore ‘anti-Semitic.’

In reference to Dieudonne, French President Francois Hollande himself pledged to use every means at the disposal of his government to “fight against the sarcasm of those who purport to be humorists but who are actually professional anti-Semites.” In Hollande’s Orwellian France, “free speech” is reserved only for those who defame Islam, whereas critics of Zionism and Jewish exceptionalism are first stigmatized and then criminalized – a tribute to the real power behind the throne of that once-free country.

“Free Speech” to Bash Muslims, humiliate them, and mock their beliefs; but not Zionists

In response to the atrocity in Paris, French politicians and other Western leaders have been pontificating about Western ‘values’ and have selectively invoked ‘freedom of speech.’ “We live in a free and open democracy which has freedom of speech,” the West’s dishonest leaders say.

“Radical Muslims don’t believe in ‘our values,’ hence the necessity to fight them overseas” is the standard establishment talking point, trotted out time and again by the professional script readers fronting as presidents and prime ministers.

Western Foreign Policy is the source of Muslim Discontent, not cartoons

Even if we were to presuppose that a group of Muslims carried out a terrorist attack like the one we saw in Paris, one question journalists and reporters should be asking is ‘why would Muslims be angry enough to want to harm France and its citizens?’ To evade this essential line of inquiry, the prevailing script contends that it was Charlie Hebdo’s anti-Islamic cartoons, which depict Islam’s prophet Mohammed in a derogatory manner, that motivated the attack, and nothing else — a convenient narrative for France’s political class whose militaristic foreign policy warrants scrutiny.

It cannot be overlooked that America and France led the NATO onslaught against Libya in 2011, bombarding civilians and infrastructure in the name of “liberating” the predominately Muslim North African country from a ‘dictator.’ Thanks to the US, Britain, France, Canada and other rogue states, Libya ­– once a boon of progress in an otherwise bleak part of the world – is now a failed state plagued by terrorism and civil war. The stability and prosperity that Libyans once enjoyed under Gaddafi is nothing but a distant memory as the country is teetering on collapse whilst NATO-backed Takfiri gangs and warlords wrestle for control of Tripoli.

Muslims have more serious issues than Cartoons to deal with

The Muslim world has suffered a litany of Western military invasions over the past few decades, causing the deaths and displacement of a few million Muslims. The consequences of US invasion of Iraq were obvious, even for Dick Cheney years before they invade Iraq. Moreover US funding, training, and arming Salafi opposition groups in Syria and Iraq, turned Sunni-Shiite strife and rivalry, to a full-blown sectarian war, which it takes decades for Muslims to extinguish its flames.

Hands of the agents of western intelligent services in sowing the seeds of enmity in Myanmar, Nigeria, Central African Republic, and many other places, with Buddhists and Christians, are quite evident.

Charlie Hebdo is the dictionary definition of a false flag operation:

Western leaders could unite their people under a false flag. They could sell them the idea that freedom of speech is the freedom to mock other people’s religion and beliefs; and the only problem they need to solve is to indoctrinate Muslims to be OK with The Messenger’s cartoons, and their religion to be mocked.

The whole idea is a satanic plan to degenerate people, and to void them from any real values

It’s satanic, because they are trying to give false values to their people. Now it’s quite acceptable to wave the slogan of “I am Charlie”, without thinking for a second what is involved in being a degenerate like Charlie editorial staff. Do people really think if they need to be a Charlie to protect their values? Do people really think if there is any value in being a Charlie?

It’s satanic, because they make people to live in fear under a police/surveillance state aimed at cracking down on civilian dissent against government policies, just to enjoy their imaginary freedoms.

It’s satanic, because they persuade people to send their sons to conquer other nations and kill millions more as a collateral damage, because Muslims simply ‘hate us for our freedoms,’ as neocon warmongers and Zionists assert?

In any case, the West’s crusade against Islam is as counterfeit as it is comical.

If people in western countries could be easily deceived by such satanic plans, it means they are in trouble. They need to concern more about their own fate, than the victims of the massacres done under their name. The satanic occult of New World Order, who are orchestrating all this false flags, are no friends to them. There is no fundamental difference between Muslims and people in west, in the eyes of such occultists.

It's not about race or religion; it's about an enmity and rivalry between Satan and whole human race.

When people in west succumb to such satanic plans, all they can expect is a scenario like what Isaiah 17:4-6 depicts:

Now in that day the glory of Jacob will fade, And the fatness of his flesh will become lean… Yet gleanings will be left in it like the shaking of an olive tree, Two or three olives on the topmost bough, Four or five on the branches of a fruitful tree, Declares the LORD