The Science of Deduction Shows They Put a Spell on You

By: Jay

In the wake of the latest school shooting the question of “Why?” haunts most people.  A multitude of responses are given in the mainstream media by pundits and analysts, ranging from violent video games, films, to psychotropic drugs, to gun control, and on and on.  None of these people understand what these events are in the bigger picture.  All of the proposed “answers” as to the cause of such events are merely peripheral aspects that are relevant, but fail to give an adequate explanation to the entire phenomenon.  Analysts rarely mention past shooters and the patterns that emerge between them and the present shooting.

In fact, one wonders why profilers and analysts seem absolutely unable to make connections on the deeper, archetypal levels of what is at work in these events.  Since JaysAnalysis was the first to break the story that the Batman shooting in Aurora was a black op ritual event, it is worth pointing out the connection to the Sandy Hook shooting, given the connection to the Dark Knight Rises that has emerged.  Certainly the readiness of the alternative media to jump at every event and interpret it as a “staged event” cause researchers and media to step back with a more sober analysis based on facts (as it should be), yet applying logic, consider this claim:

If there is a mass shooting, it is said to be staged by the dubious alternative media.

The alternative media says this shooting was staged.

Therefore, the claim that it was staged is dubious or not true.

This is a formal fallacy, in the form of affirming the consequent with a touch of the genetic fallacy to boot:

  • If P, then Q.
  • Q.
  • Therefore, P.

The mass media does not concern itself with truth, but with social engineering and manipulation anyway, so it should be no surprise.  The fallacy here is that regardless of the error or skittishness of the alternative and mainstream media, the position of media itself does not determine if the event was a black operation (although mass media focus and skewing can be a clue to the possibility of it being staged.)  In order to understand this event and then look at the possibility of whether it was a black op and/or a ritual event, one must understand the nature of terrorism and its purpose.

The purpose of organized black op events is the psychological warfare effect of mass shootings.  All warfare is psychological warfare, as the intent of the attacking party or army desires to bring about the acquiescence of the enemy.  Warfare itself is merely a tool to bring about the psychological submission of the other side, while the intention of wiping out the enemy forces are secondary.  Why deplete one’s own forces and resources if the enemy can be molded to think accordingly?  In this sense, terrorism is the purposeful display of chaos and fear that arises from the radical disturbance of the normal, daily patterns and social routines of the enemy with the intent of achieving an alteration in the psyche of the target populace.  Psychological warfare manuals of the Army and CIA even detail the scientific specifics of how to position cameras, news stories, the artistic layout of propaganda pamphlets, etc., to such a detailed degree that the mass populace will never fathom.  Based on older advertizing science from Edward Bernays, the Department of Defense perfected Bernay’s tactics to craft the perfectly scientific approach towards mass manipulation, particularly through mass media.  It is crucial then for analysts to understand that mass media is the conduit for the display of this propaganda for the purpose of changing the mass psyche to a desired effect.  It is all, therefore, advertizing.

Terrorism, then, is a specific type of psychological warfare that creates an atmosphere of fear and panic that can strike anywhere, anytime.  Hardly anyone seems keen enough to realize that the school and theater shootings are school shootings for a reason: the targeting of the most vulnerable of the population, kids.  This latest shooting was a strike at the youngest and most vulnerable, kindergarteners.  The psychological effect of killing young children is something that strikes directly at the most sensitive aspects of the psyche: following the shooting, many parents nationwide refrained from allowing their kids to attend the government brainwashing centers for fear of copycats.  In so doing, the terrorism had achieved its desired effect, the instillation of fear and panic to control the masses.  Precisely because the masses do not have critical thinking skills and don’t (and never will) understand psy ops and the real use of terror, it is generally successful in creating a desired mindset in the target audience.

To take this to another level, the history of terrorism in psychological warfare is the attempt of a smaller, guerilla force attempting to strike at a larger, establishment force or state.  Red terror was successful in overthrowing the Czar in Russia, for example, and Lenin was famous for the promotion of his own state-run terrorism.  The patterns of Red terror, however, have a much more ancient pedigree in the history of warfare and psy ops, all the way back to ancient times.   The Bible itself gives instances of terror and espionage, with the assassination of the fatass Moabite King by the Israelite Judge, Ehud.  One can think as well of the Ismaili Hashishin of the Middle Ages, and in more modern times, the CIA, MI6 and Mossad are also famous for their assassination workings.  These intelligence operations are generally done, however, for the purpose of ousting problematic foreign opposition leaders.  In fingering the culprits of a mass shooting that is done for the purpose of psychological warfare, one must look at who has the motive for such an event, as well as who has the fingerprint pattern of previous workings, examining the clues and patterns that emerge as evidence comes forward over time.

For those who organize these events, our world is the world of the magus, not the world of corn syrup, plastic and ESPN.  In this world, those with eyes to see are able to read the patterns and synchronicities that occur with the intent of “magically charging” words and places with the intent of a certain willworking being effected in the world.  Thus taking a word like “Sandy,” already associated with the deadly east cost weather debacle, and energizing it with the notion of the destruction of innocence with the kindergarteners, “Sandy” becomes a symbol of power with powerful associations that ex opere operato alter the mind of those who hear it, recalling the events of the last year.  Combining this with the terror-induced trauma of the shooting, the populace becomes programmed in a docile fashion by the scientific magii.

You won’t hear this on the mainstream news or in most of the alternative news because they are ignorant of semiotics and liturgy.  When was the last time you saw an alternative news site discuss liturguical theology?  You haven’t, and you won’t.  A good couple examples of what I am discussing are the Son of Sam murders, and the Zodiac killer.  Both Berkowitz and Son of Sam exemplified that common modus operandi of the “serial killer” who leaves clues, hints, ciphers and loves wordplay.  In order to understand this, investigators who had no knowledge of symbology, semiotics, wordplay and the occult would never have been able to make headway (and weren’t able for a long time!).   Another example would be the D.C. Sniper’s leaving of tarot cards at the scenes: something hardly mentioned or analyzed in the mainstream media!  For those interested in a more in-depth treatment of this issue, I recommend Maury Terry’s The Ultimate Evil and Peter Levenda’s Sinister Forces trilogy, which outlines in detail the mass mind control workings that the aesthetic terrorists craft.

The same can be seen in almost all the mass shootings, in different forms, from Sirhan Sirhan to JFK to Columbine to 9/11 to Anders Breivik to Jared Loughner to James Holmes to Adam Lanza.  All of these events involve the same patterns: occultism, underground societies, pop culture presignification and symbolism, semiotic deception and appropriation, mass media obsession, inconsistent “official stories,” the events often occur on important dates relevant to religious calendars, and the workings have the result of markedly changing the mass psyche to become normalized to what is termed in certain circles as aesthetic terrorism.  But almost all of this ignored by ignoramus investigators, like lamer Lestrades, more afraid of how they would look to the mass media, than in figuring out the actual story.  And the dark geniuses who organize these events see them as fools.

Mass shootings like the above mentioned are not random, lone gunman events that happen because of video games and Prozac.  Video games and Prozac are elements in the working of a highly organized, calculated ritual event that has the intention of changing the mass psyche towards the intended effect of terror and submission.  Gun control is merely one corollary of this process, with aesthetic terrorism being the real reason: it was done to put a spell on you!  In many ways, the basic idea here is voodoo – the corresponding essences are shared between objects and symbols, with one affecting the other at a distance.  And it doesn’t matter whether you accept the reality of this mindset, or whether you think the occult is real or not: it was done by those with this mindset.