In the name of Allah, the Merciful to all, the Compassionate

When last month the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS), captured Mosul and attacked Kirkuk, Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) in Iraq, did not hesitate to capture Kirkuk to save it from ISIS. Everyone knew that in no way did Kurdistan have plans of leaving Kirkuk. It was a big prize handed over to them on a silver platter. Without Kirkuk, Kurdish independence was meaningless.

Although the events at Kirkuk have been heard around the globe, the first politician in the world who talked about Kurdistan’s independence was none other than Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman:

Iraq is breaking up before our eyes and it would appear that the creation of an independent Kurdish state is a foregone conclusion.”

I am not complaining about the Kurds pursuing their independence. Albeit it’s not quite justifiable; they form around 16% of Iraq’s population, but they get one third of parliament’s seats and a lion’s share of everything else in Federative Iraq; a situation they will certainly miss dearly very soon. But why do they do this to everybody else’s harm? And why aren't they able to understand that it cannot be sustainable this way?

I am not whitewashing ISIS crimes. They have done, and continue to perform enough beheadings, massacres, lootings, and much more to guarantee that they do not have a future in Iraq. Their days are numbered, and when people who are behind them are done with them, they are gone forever. The worst harm ISIS caused is they gave western media a pretext to attribute any crime happens in Iraq to “Islamist militants”, with Islamist in Bold, to subliminally imply that they do such crimes because they are Islamist.

That’s not the case on the ground.

The fact is Iraq is now a big multi-polar mess; there are lots of players, who pursue their own sinister agenda, and blame their guilt on Islamist militants. Reportedly a good chunk of Chaldean/Assyrian/Turkmen/Christian cleansing happening right now in Iraq, is carried by the Kurds’ death squads, trained by the Israeli intelligence service, Mossad, and ultimately blamed on ISIS. It seems Kurds just want to make the most of the crisis, and by spreading terror, expel all the non-Kurds from that region before they declare independence, just to keep ethnic cleansing costs down. This sinister and unethical policy will backfire soon and they will pay a heavy price for that.

Western mainstream media have turned a blind eye on this fact, just to help independent Kurdistan be a thorn in the eye of its neighbours, especially Iran. If you search the Internet for “Christian Cleansing”, you will find tens of thousands of pages that talk about this issue like all the problems in Iraq was initiated by a religious rivalry between Muslims and Christians.

That’s absolutely not the case.

I am not claiming that Christian Cleansing is a myth. It’s happening, but it’s not happening on religious grounds. Assyrians and Turkmens face the same problem and Shi’ites are hit the most. No ISIS and no other militant factions in Iraq or Syria have a fundamental problem with Christians, at least not on religious grounds.

Although western media do their best to exploit sentiments of people against Muslims and introduce Islam as a source of problems, the fact is the entire so-called “Islamist militants” in Iraq and Syria share hatred toward Shi’ites, who happen to be Muslims. All these militants’ goal is to eradicate Shi’ites. Moreover they happily accept any arm and support delivered to them from western countries which they consider them Christian.

What is the cause of such hatred? You may ask

After Israel received a humiliating defeat from Hezbollah in 2006, it was clear that the next war will be Israel’s last. So they came up with the idea of finding a disease that can bring Hezbollah to its knees. What they did was like digging a medieval tomb, searching for a Bubonic plague virus; culture it in a lab, then spread the virus to infect their enemy. Israel and US pour their funding to Al-Qaida/Salafi groups in Syria. The same people, who allegedly carried 9/11 attacks, are then called Moderate Freedom Fighters by western politicians like senator McCain. Now the Salafi Cancer has metastasized in Iraq, and soon in other Middle Eastern countries.