In the name of Allah, the Merciful to all, the Compassionate

Today I encountered an image on Twitter, featuring an Israeli soldier who allegedly boasts in his Social Media accounts that he killed 13 children from Gaza in just one day:



Obviously this picture makes people angry, and it was there to do just that. So I decided to investigate further, and I found sherrii_elkaderi is the Instagram account of a Palestinian girl:


It was strange to me why an IDF soldier with the name of Daviddovadia  should name his account after a Palestinian girl's name. If you search twitter for the hashtag of  #DavidDovadia or #sherrii_elkaderi, you will find hundreds of angry people cursing and wishing they could kill this guy.

I do not know this soldier, but when I looked his tweets, I found a different person from what was shown in that picture. Obviously, he is an Israeli soldier, serving in Israeli army. So I do not expect too much of him. Let's see what he tweeted:


The link shows this picture:


and the narration say:

Israelis still enjoying the view. More than 50% of Jewish Israelis think Netanyahu is being too soft on

I do not think a child-killer who can kill 13 children in one day, can consider this too much. Up to this point, if you are hasty enough, you can conclude that the whole story is a propaganda or Psy-op from Hamas. But let's see his other tweets:

Do you think any human being who is sane appreciates what Israel is doing to Ghaza? Ans: No

Can you imagine how full of anger the world is? So angry, reasoning and logic is left aside. Reality is left aside.

Here is the funny thing. People assume things. When I said I will not apologize, I only meant I will not apologize for what I did not do!

“Help your brother, whether he is an oppressor or he is an oppressed one.”

Help the oppressor “by preventing him from oppressing others.”

I am not claiming I know more than you. I heard his guy's name just today. But from what I see, it seems like someone in the IDF is trying to throw him under the bus, and publicize his picture and private info, enough to make sure angry Arabs can find and kill him. Or maybe even they put him down and put the blame on Arabs. Who knows? Maybe IDF is trying to teach its soldiers a lesson, by the hands of someone else, not to criticize them in public.

So it's not easy to guess who is behind this. 

One things we should always have in mind, is disinformation is the biggest part of any war, and we need not to take anything at face value, and to take utmost care before we jump on the bandwagon.

One thing I say for sure is that the New World Order is enemy of all monotheistic religions, Islam and Judaism alike, and by stirring up religious hatred between them, they want Muslims and Jews mutually destroy each other. Zionism is the lie SOLD to Jewish nationalists to insure their destruction.

I am not suggesting crimes carried by the state of Israel should be ignored, but let's respond with wisdom, not anger.

May Almighty GOD have mercy on us all.