In the name of Allah, the Merciful to all, the Compassionate

Today I read about a hacker named Guccifer, who wormed into the computer of the 43rd US president’s sister, and published some of his paintings and some other private details. Two of the paintings of former President Bush, which show him bathing, were quite amateur. There is nothing shameful about being an amateur or unskilled painter. Most of us do the best we can with almost no natural gifts, and only the desire to do what we do. But in George’s case it’s a little bit different.

A few years back, I remember I was listening to George W. Bush’s speech and when he called Hitler a failed Austrian painter, I was thinking that this comment was absolutely pointless and Hitler’s paintings had nothing to do with his political career. It was highly unnecessary for Bush to belittle Hitler because of his painting abilities, so he would someday pay for that comment.

This is what people call Karma.

The true essence of Karma is that the universe (or multiverse, or whatever you want to call it) is based on causality. The ultimate cause of everything is the Almighty GOD. The entire system is based on righteousness. So every wrong-doing is going to be punished, sooner or later. Serious crimes and their punishments are generally postponed until judgment day, because this material world does not have the capacity for an appropriate punishment. But this is not the case for all of wrong-doings. If you act unfairly to any person, particularly when there is no point in being unfair, and especially when the other one is better than you, you will live until your action is returned to you.

Young Hitler was a gifted painter. He was no old master, but he showed a good deal of talent. Maybe if Hitler had been encouraged in his youth, we would know him today as a great painter and not a Nazi leader.

Ethical lesson we can learn from this:

  • Never be unfair to another person when you do not need to be unfair.
  • Never belittle another person, especially when you know that they are better than you in that regard.