In the name of Allah, the Merciful to all, the Compassionate

I am not psychologist, but I have seen enough psychos in my life, from benign ones to the ultimate vicious. For me, the most annoying people were the ones who get used to doing something wrong, while they preach others not to do that. For example some people cruelly tease others, but if you return their favor, they get mad and preach you about how insulting it is to tease others. I have even seen more severe cases who are addicted on doing something wrong, while preaching totally innocent others not to do that wrong.

When I was trying to write on this subject, I first did some research to see what others have said, so I do not repeat what is already said. One of the articles I found was “Defense against The Psychopath” written by Stefan Verstappen, in which he elaborates on how to know who is more of a psychopath and how to survive them. Actually, I found that article informative, and you may find some points that help you avoiding more pain and sorrow in your life. But firstly, it fails to give an analysis on what causes ordinary kids to grow up as psychopaths, and secondly it gives an impression that it is humans’ eternal destiny to be ruled by psychopaths, so it causes desperation and hopelessness about humanity, which in the long run is more harmful than the psychopaths themselves.

Before I go forward, let’s assure you that the future of humanity is bright and Almighty God in various scriptures, like several verses of Quran, for example 21:105 and 28:5, guarantees that solemn and righteous people will eventually rule the human societies. So let’s put all the doom and gloom aside, and consider the problem of psychopathy and psychopath ruler elites as a curable case.

Identifying the symptoms of psychopathy is not going to help to find a cure, so instead of that, let’s start with having a definition, because the first step of solving any problem is to know what the problem is:

Psychopaths are the ones, who know exactly what is wrong with their own behavior or character, and they are aware that it’s them who are culprits, but instead of trying to fix themselves, they find easier to cover up the problem and attribute their own deficiencies to others. This behavior gives them a false sense of security.

If you take this definition, you hardly find someone who is not included in this definition. All of us in some point of our lives can be in a situation that we find ourselves less smart, less attractive, or not to be able to compete with others. We need to be brave enough to face the reality that in a society, there may be others who are smarter or more privileged than us. As a matter of fact, no society can survive in which all the people want to be the best in everything. If we want to live in a society, we have to accept that there may be others who have more of an edge than us, one way or another. All we can do is to do our solemn, honest best to improve ourselves.

My point is it’s not productive to assume that psychos are people born with such deficiencies. If you assume this, all you need is to cull them all to have a healthy society. Theoretically, there may be a very few individuals who are detrimental to the society, and all you can do is to expel or jail them, but that does not describe all the other psychopaths. As a matter of fact, psychopathy must be pervasive in all the society before you can point to a few prominent ones.

In a society that you can find just a handful of such psychopaths, they do not rise to the top. But when you see only immoral and narcissist can reach the top of leadership ladder, it means everybody already contracted that disease and prominent psychos are just outperforming others.

I am not claiming that all other societies in the world are perfect. Presumably, every society has its own fair share of hypocrisy and mental problems. But to make my point, I bring an example about western societies. What is very clear about western societies is they preaching others for what is wrong with themselves, and almost nobody has any problem with it. They preach other nations for racism, while most of the movies produced in Hollywood is littered with racism. It’s very cliche that a white hero always survives, and a black one is usually sacrificed. Western societies accuse other nations for being anti-Semitic, in which Jewish people coexisted there for millennia. They brand other nations as trouble-maker or Axis of evil, when the majority of military conflicts in recent history are instigated by western powers.

If you want to know what is wrong with western societies, just look at what they preach others.

When words do not carry their true meanings,…

When it would be considered as a norm to say something and to do exactly the opposite of what is said,…

When people care more about degrees than the knowledge and science,…

When facades and outer appearance is more important than inside of everything,

Then you are living in a psychopath society.

All of these indications are recipe for disaster, and if people in the western societies were enjoying a good mental health, they should show a reaction. But they do NOT and they are OK with that.

The real cure:

The root-cause of all such problems is people may think that our world is like Las Vegas with its slogan that “What happens here, stays here”. But if we think properly, we should reach this result that the Almighty God does not create such a vast multi-verse pointless, and all our deeds, good or bad stay with us. We will be awarded for Good deeds, and will be punished for bad deeds. In another word, what we do is our award or punishment, which stays with us for eternity.

The real slogan of this world is: “What happens here, stays with us forever”.

If we understand this, no one in his right mind may dare to fool himself or anyone else. Having that belief, a true narcissist is the one who cares most about fellow humans, and takes a good care of his conscience. Because he knows that whatever good he does to others, stays with him forever.