Please! Don’t tell me prophecy has no place in the modern world. If you think world leaders make decision based on tangible interests of their nations and they evaluate costs and benefits of every decision in a materialistic, secular way, you are living in a fantasy.

I am not implying that having religious beliefs, as an ethical foundation and a moral compass is bad. My point is, current understandings about all religions are so twisted that no religious subject can have its own true meaning. I have no idea why this era is named the “Information Age”. If I was asked to find a name describing this era, I would prefer something like “Age of Information-Waste”. The capability of appreciating, understanding, and absorbing knowledge is more important than knowledge itself, and that’s what you find less of in this era.

I do not intend to rant, but I brought this introduction here to explain what happened to the concept of prophecy. There are tons of information about prophecies among all nations and cults, but one thing is hardly discussed: “What is prophecy in the first place?”

So, please let me explain:

Basically, there were messengers of the Almighty God or Allah (or Yahweh or whatever name you prefer to describe the Creator) who delivered the message of the God to their societies. Part of that message was “If you do good deeds, you are rewarded. If you commit wrong deeds, you are punished. That Reward or Punishment will be with you for eternity”. Some people continued committing their sins, and they did not feel that they are getting punished. So, they concluded maybe those messengers are talking about something in the future. So they called them prophets who talk about some prophecies. Personally, I do not consider that term appropriate for a messenger of the God, because the message was not only about the afterlife. The essence of the message is:

“Your good deeds are your reward and your bad deeds are your punishment, because they are with you when you do them and they stay with you forever. So, starting from the moment you commit them, they can benefit or harm you. But after death, they will remain with you for eternity, and you will see them in their true form, which is defined as Heaven or Hell”.

If we could open our eyes properly, we could see them in their true form, right now.

Although, all of our deeds will be revealed to us after death, we do not need to wait for the afterlife to see all the consequences. Most of what I said is common-sense, but sometimes common-sense is not that common. It’s common-sense that if you take a hammer and go on the street and smash the head of the first person you see with it, you cannot get away with that. Someone, somewhere, will return your favor to yourself. But what if you smash someone’s head and no one hits you back? You may think that the laws of nature are not applied to you, and you are free to do whatever you want.

That’s why the messengers had to explain to people about the consequences of what they are doing, and what they should expect to get in return, if they continued to do that, in a more detailed way. They had to explain to people the consequences of committing homosexuality, gambling, usury, or adultery. It was all about explaining causes and effects.

Most of the prophecies we see in scriptures are in this category, and they are not destined to be fulfilled. Prophecies simply express that if people continue using their freewill in the way that they do, what they should expect to get. If they behave better, all the negative predictions will be changed. That’s known in Islamic nomenclature as “بداء” or “shift”.

So, those prophecies are not mandatory, and no one excluded the freewill of people from them. The whole purpose of expressing such prophecies was to alert people, and wake them up, to behave themselves.

There is no Guarantee for doom!

If one knows how a system functions, one should know by applying an input, what the output is going to be. You can call this prophecy. The destiny of that system, is not to produce that specific output. If you apply another input, you get some other output. But when it comes to the universe as one system, you need a divine knowledge to be able to know how it works and to be able to predict it accurately.

Not all of what is mentioned in the scriptures is in the category of prophecy. Some are destiny, and are guaranteed by the Almighty God. One of them is that human race has a happy ending. The return of Jesus and his kingdom for thousand years in the Bible is a reference to this fact. One of the references to this fact is in the Quran 21:105, which says:

“And we have already written in the book [of Psalms] after the previous scriptures that the land will be inherited by my righteous servants.”

It‘s never been told that the tribulation period, apocalypse, and all the end-time scenarios we hear today, are destiny. They are just simple predictions. If we as humans change our course, and stop causing harm on each other, we can reach that happy ending without suffering.

We are witnessing today that there are cults in every major religion who sell the idea of “To reach that happy ending, we need to pass a tribulation period, and fulfill such prophecies. If you want to be there faster, you need to push the prophecies to be fulfilled.” to believers.

This idea is absolutely satanic.

They could twist all the warnings delivered to save us, by the messengers of the Almighty God, to use it against the human race, and make humans cause such harm to each other. Personally, I take it as solid evidence that there is a Satan, an arch enemy of human race behind this. Why? Because, everybody is deceived to think other factions are behind this mess, without noticing that all are equally guilty. Non-believers think believing in any religion can cause this. Believers of every religion think it’s believers of other religions who are the culprits.

The enmity of Satan toward the human race is repeatedly mentioned in the Quran. For example, in the Quran 35:6 it says: Indeed, Satan is an enemy to you; so take him as an enemy. He only invites his party to be among the companions of the Hell.” It actually stresses that all Satan can do is invitation, and it’s up to humans to be wise enough not to be deceived.

Unfortunately, humans are not that wise.

Just to show how the concept of prophecy is misused to destroy humans, and when people talk about such prophecies, they mean business, I bring the following:

  • Wolfgang Eggert, has launched an Internet petition Apocalypse No to demand action on powerful Jewish and Christian cults that want a nuclear holocaust to fulfill Biblical prophecy. He thinks fanatics in governments must be exposed and removed. He points to the Jewish Chabad Lubavitcher sect who want to hasten Armageddon to facilitate the intervention of the Messiah. Eggert quotes a Lubavitcher rabbi who says:”the world is waiting for us to fulfill our role in preparing the world to greet Moshiach” (i.e. Messiah.)
  • Four years ago, in an article, titled “Bush, Mideast Wars and End-Time Prophecy”, J. P. Briggs and Thomas D. Williams, described how end-timers are trying to fulfill their own version of prophecies.
  • In his article, titled “Christendom Goes Zionist”, Mitch Jones wrote: Forgiving for a moment the fact that Christian fundamentalists and militant Zionists have declared war on Islam, does this represent a newfound cooperation between Christians and Jews? Hardly. The Evangelical Christians who are lobbying for Israel believe that the state of Israel is fulfillment of prophecy, as do the Zionists; however, the Evangelicals believe that God’s army will kill two-thirds of the Jews and the remaining will be converted. In fact, Evangelicals want to help scattered Jews from around the world gather in Israel, as a prerequisite of Jesus’ return, so upon arrival, Jesus has an easy time killing the Jews.
What about the looming USA vs. Iran War?

For years now, we have heard about the pending USA & Iran war.

  • They accused Iran of developing Nuclear weapons, although they did not have any evidence.
  • Then they sent a Russian nuclear scientist with detailed atomic bomb blueprints to the Iranian embassy in London, so Iran does not have any excuse not to do that.
  • Then they wondered why Iran is not doing that. One Israeli official said if Iran has not developed Nuclear weapons by now, they must be stupid.
  • Now they increase their rhetoric and threatening to a level that leaves no choice for Iran, but to develop their Nuclear Arsenal, and fulfill prophecies they want to be fulfilled.

Why? How could they justify this War? That’s how:

  • The war between Iran and West is prophesized in the Old Testament, Daniel 8:19~26.
  • The Ezekiel 38 scenario includes the attempted invasion into Israel by all Islamic forces (led and orchestrated by the northern-most power, i.e., Russia) and will conclude with a miraculous Israeli victory. Evangelicals believe that it is suggested in the Bible that it will take 7 years to bury the dead from this unprecedented conflagration.[1]
  • Nostradamus knew 450 years ago that Iran would today have an army numbering almost one million? He wrote in his Quatrain No.25, Century No.5: “Toward Persia (Iran) a sizable army near a million. The evil serpent will invade Byzantium (Turkey) and Egypt.” And in Quatrain No.96, Century No. 2 : “Persia (Iran) turns to invade Macedonia (Greek).”[2]
  • Some Evangelicals claim that Christ cannot return to earth until certain events occur: The Jews must gain control of Palestine and Jerusalem, destroy Islamic holy places in the city and “rebuild” a temple. Then the great battle of Armageddon will follow during which millions of people would be killed. Afterwards, the conversion of the Jews to Christ would take place. According to Hal Lindsey, a prominent American Christian Zionist, the valley from Galilee to Eilat (a town in southern Israel) will flow with blood and 144,000 Jews would bow down before Jesus and be saved. The rest of Jewry, millions of them, and presumably all non-Christians, would perish in “the mother of all holocausts”. “Never mind what Israel does,” say the Christian Zionists. “God wants this to happen.” [3]

In conclusion, I stress that when the wisdom of prophecies is misinterpreted, that’s what you get. Prophecies mentioned in scriptures are for humans to think twice before fighting each other or committing any sin, and the whole purpose is for them to repent and pray for the God’s forgiveness and mercy. It would be a deception of Satan to interpret it in any other way. The Almighty God does not need us to fulfill any prophecy for him.


[1] Strange End-Times Beliefs Of Some ‘Evangelical’ Christians, By Norio Hayakawa

[2] Is War Between USA (Israel) & Iran Inevitable? By Jack Manuelian

[3] Against Israel Against God -Christian Zionists, By Khalid Amayreh