It’s not a secret that the western civilization does its best to ignore other civilizations and attribute all the achievements of the human race to itself. They act like before them, nobody observed an apple falling from a tree, and that it was newton, who for the first time in history, could observe it and conclude that there should be a reason for that, and named it Gravity.

For instance, 800 years ago Fibonacci attended Islamic universities and studied mathematics, and then he wrote articles about what he learned there. What people call Fibonacci Numbers, are attributed to him, even though he did not claim the credit. However, those discoveries must be in his name, to make an impression to the world that the history of science and knowledge started with western civilizations.

That’s what masters want ordinary people to believe, but they know that they cannot afford to ignore ancient knowledge. That’s why there is a big collection of old manuscripts in libraries like London or Moscow, and they do not let anyone to have a copy of the manuscripts or even see them. At the moment, the British Library in London has more than 351,000 manuscripts, and the last number I can remember from a few years ago was 200’000. It seems their collection is growing very fast. Right now National Library of Russia has 450,000 manuscripts. However, they claim that they are digitizing all manuscripts and they will be available for public view, but that’s only for ordinary books like some goofy old paintings, just to make an impression that there is nothing serious in those collections. My question is if that’s the case, then why are there agents today, who search Islamic countries and purchase/steal worthy manuscripts at any price?. Things going on in the real world are more or less like what you see in the movies like Indiana Jones and Lara Croft.

The reason I stressed on Islamic countries, is that the Islamic scholars meticulously collected and translated any ancient knowledge they could find throughout history. Such knowledge evolved for several centuries, and they could contribute a lot.

This battle for ancient knowledge is so serious that some Islamic scholars believe that US invasion of Iraq was all about the manuscripts Saddam collected in Iraq National Library. That library was the first place in Baghdad that US soldiers invaded and looted, and then its burning a few days later, attributed to vandals, was so nobody could investigate the case later.