In the name of Allah, the Merciful to all, the Compassionate

Throughout my entire life I have heard about how the French cherish their culture, history, language and cuisine. That the French have been, and are, today's world leaders in fashion, food, wine, art and architecture. They embrace novelty, new ideas, and manners with enthusiasm as long as they are elegant. If this is true, the French culture should be as deep as an ocean, disturbed by nothing.

In reality, however, any trivial incident can change their psyche overnight. One such example would be the Nice terror attack which took place in July. They claim that a soldier of Islam conveyed the attack, thus qualifying Islam as an invading, and obviously barbaric, culture that needs to be confronted. That picture has nothing in common with reality.

The attacker was a French citizen, born in France and not an invading soldier. He was a drug-addicted and alcoholic homosexual. Moreover, nearly 30 of the 84 victims were also Muslims. So it would be unreasonable to pose this as an Islamic attack against the French way of life. It was claimed that the attacker was radicalized in the span of just a few days. If that's true, no one can put the blame on any ideology, because being radicalized to any ideology is a process that needs lots of study over a long time span. To be a radical Muslim, one needs first to quit drugs and alcohol, and forget about homosexuality. This process requires months or years of effort; it cannot be done overnight. The Nice terror attack, although a false flag, is just an alibi to show that the French culture is under attack, and this attack needs an immediate response. Let's suppose that a cultural response is necessary. The question is how will a rich culture that considers itself a superior one, respond to such provocations?

The response is a reliable indicator of whether the culture is a rich one or trash.

The best response would be to try to show how the Muslim community, which is nearly ten percent of the whole population, could assimilate into and co-exist with the French society. By doing this, they could control and prevent further radicalization.

What French leaders did instead shows just how shallow their culture is. Banning the “burkini” on French beaches was a response to the terror attacks. Yesterday, it was in the news that four policemen forced a woman to strip her burkini on a beach.


Talking about banning pork-free meals in schools and forcing Muslim students to eat pork is another example of how French leaders want to defend their culture. No society could ever survive that much absurdity, and France is no exception.

In reality, they demonstrated how threatened they feel, and how their values of equality and liberty can be compromised. What they are implying is that they feel their culture cannot survive a real clash of cultures, so they need to defend it with such miserable measures.

They just admitted that their culture is more like trash than a real culture. This means that more radicalization, more upheaval, and more trouble is the name of the game for France.