In the name of Allah, the Merciful to all, the Compassionate

Today I saw an interesting piece by The Young Turks, on the findings by a Gallup poll.That poll had many interesting points, but one of them that shine among others is that Americans are the most likely population in the world (49%) to believe military attacks on civilians is sometimes justified, followed by residents of Haiti and Israel (43%). On the other hand only 13% of people in Middle East and Northern Africa believe that military attacks targeting civilians can be justified. Military attacks targeting civilians is another name for State-Sponsored Terrorism. When half of all Americans support that type of terrorism, it makes them a terrorist nation.

The other findings of Gallup's poll was that 74 percent of the population of Muslims countries wanted the introduction of Sharia law. However, the vast numbers of Muslims wanting to return their countries to theocracies did not coincide with support for deliberately killing civilians. It means there is no correlation between their religious beliefs and supporting terrorism.

That findings did not surprise me, because the essence of Islam is following the Almighty God's rules and honouring his laws. In fact Islam is an umbrella term for any monotheistic belief that accepts that statement. Quran in many occasions, like 2:132, calls Abraham and Jacob and other prophets Muslims. The concept of Total Punishment is foreign to any monotheistic religion. The main reason that religious authorities in Iran forbid utilizing Nuclear weapons, is these weapons are only good for total punishment, and killing indiscriminately. Punishing someone for another one's crimes is injustice by definition. So a true believer cannot find any moral justification for state-sponsored terrorism.

I am wondering how people in countries like USA, Israel, New Zealand, UK, and any other country that accept the idea of State-Sponsored terrorism, can think of themselves as civilized people. Supporting the concepts of Total Punishment and State-Sponsored terrorism is the definition of barbarism.