In the name of Allah, the Merciful to all, the Compassionate

Yep! That’s what Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney told at the UN General Assembly on Thursday:

"Canada has taken a zero-tolerance approach to anti-Semitism and all forms of discrimination including rhetoric towards Israel, and attempts to delegitimize Israel such as the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement,"

When you read this, you may think another Hitler is rising in Canada, and anyone who criticizes Israel will be sent to a concentration camp, waiting in a line for Gas chamber.

But in reality only a fool with a big mouth can talk like this; the one who has no idea about social context of Canadian societies, no idea about who Semites are, and no idea why Israel is the first priority in every Canadian foreign policy issue.


The Canadian government is the main source of anti-Semitism in Canada. A few months ago, it was in the news that members of Orthodox Jewish sect Lev Tahor, have moved from Canada to Guatemala, just because of Canadian government’s bogus allegations against them. Moreover, members of anti-Zionist haredi group Neturei Karta, which are obviously Jewish Semites, are under continuous prosecution and irritation in Canada.


As Rabbi Feldman once said:

Zionists “have transformed Judaism from a peaceful religion centred on serving God and acting kindly to others into a militant movement focused on conquering and retaining land… with their actions in the name of the Jewish people they have stirred up anti-Semitism around the world.”

So Canadian government’s talking about fight against anti-Semitism, is just an empty rhetoric and a sick joke.


The main cause of opposition to Israel, for most of people around the world, Muslims and non-Muslims in Latin America alike, is not hatred of Jews. The main cause is a legal issue: Israelis grabbed the land by massacre of people who lived there, by destroying their orchards and their businesses, and by forcing the rest to migrate. These migrants now live in refugee camps in neighboring countries, and most of them could never find another country which accepts them as a citizen. Many of their kids born in refugee camps and grew up and finally died there. This process never stopped, and we are witnessing new land grabs and new settlements every day.

No matter how hard Zionists and their stooges in Canadian government try, they cannot make the rightful owners of those lands to give up, and they cannot deprive them from their rights.


Talking about Zero-Tolerance Approach in Canada is just foolish. If they are talking about global politics, someone should remind them nobody in the world takes Canada serious anymore. Sadly, not even the Prime minister of Canada takes himself serious, let alone the rest of the world:

If they are threatening others with military action, they should be reminded in a world that even small factions like Hezbollah in Lebanon, have 10 times more man-power and sophisticated weaponry than Canada, they should watch their mouth.

If they are talking about implementing a Zero-Tolerance Approach inside Canada, that would be even a sicker joke.

If Hitler could talk like this, the social context of Germany at that era was in favor of such policies. But Canadian society is completely different. No one can draw a line between people in Canada to separate indigenous citizens from immigrants anymore.

Everybody is an immigrant.

You cannot find any group of people in Canada who do not have a minority mindset. Everybody feels like he or she belongs to a minority. There is no majority which can oppress a minority.

So any try to implement such drastic policies, definitely leads to a social collapse and anarchy.


I wish Canadian citizens come to their senses sooner, and realize that these Zionist shills infiltrated in Canadian government do more harm to Canadian interests than good.