In the name of Allah, the Merciful to all, the Compassionate

The attack on the Paris-based satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo on Wednesday, January 7, was a very well-planned commando style one. That's how a witness explained it: "I think they were extremely well-trained, and they knew exactly down to the centimeter and even to the second what they had to do."

But nowadays, it's really hard not to leave any fingerprints behind.

Sporadically shouting “Allah Akbar” throughout the duration of their onslaught, the two attackers were caught on video making a spectacle of themselves as they paraded down the Paris street guns blazing. It is typically unusual for terrorists to immediately make it known who they are and what they stand for before concluding their work, an anomaly the mainstream media refuses to emphasize for obvious reasons.

Other anomalies are cause for skepticism. How did the terrorists get ahold of military-grade weaponry undetected? Journalist Gearoid O Colmain told Russia Today that the two deceased suspects, French-born Said and Cherif Kouachi, had received military training from militants in Syria and had also traveled to Yemen to meet with Al-Qaeda leaders there. And yet the pair was able to return to France without interference from authorities. Other reports indicate that the brothers were known and being monitored by French intelligence, but were still able to obtain the necessary armaments to conduct Wednesday’s attack without a hiccup.

In a Jan. 8 article, Sputnik News reported: “Said and Cherif Kouachi, two brothers in their 30s who are suspected of committing the [Charlie Hebdo] terror attack, have been known to France’s General Directorate for Internal Security and the prefecture of Police of Paris, Le Point news magazine said Thursday.” The Sputnik article further revealed that in 2008 Cherif Kouachi had been arrested and sentenced to a prison term of three years for attempting to recruit others to fight for Al-Qaeda in Iraq.

Others contend some aspects of the Paris shooting were completely staged like a scene from a Hollywood action movie. Ali Şahin, a Turkish MEP and member of the ruling AKP party, echoed this view, citing the mysterious absence of street traffic where the shooting took place, and the odd lack of blood or recoil when a Paris cop was shot point blank by one of the gunmen.

In an op-ed for Press TV, analyst Kevin Barrett calls into question the dubious story that authorities found IDs left behind in the terrorists’ get-away car, which led police to quickly identify the suspects. Barrett contends that such a ‘mistake’ would not be made by sophisticated terrorists, but rather bears the markings of a false flag deception aimed at implicating Muslims.

In France 24 report about the attack, it showed a video clip which was supposed to be shot by ordinary citizens from a rooftop. The video clip evidently was edited, but they overlooked a few scenes.

In the first scene, it shows a person on a rooftop, who wears bullet-proof body armour, which clearly indicates that there were people who knew about the attack, and they were ready for it.


In another scene, it shows 3 police officers running toward an intersection, and they pass it. After few seconds the alleged terrorists showed themselves up at that intersection. So why terrorists could escape the scene without any gun-fight with those security personnel?


Things aren't always as they seem. When incidents like this happen, take nothing at face value. Be wary. Be suspicious. Deception often substitutes for reality.