In the name of Allah, the Merciful to all, the Compassionate

On Wednesday, three heavily armed masked men attacked the Paris-based satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo. Known for lampooning Islam, other religions and political figures. The incident took place in broad daylight; killing 12, wounding eight others.

Let's put answering the question of "Who is the culprit?" aside for now. We may never be able to find a convincing answer for such a question. All we hear, is a few names of suspects with some IDs left in a getaway car, who get killed in a shootout with police and are not able to defend themselves in a court of law; the same repeating scenario of any terrorist attack, like Boston marathon bombing, Sydney hostage taking, etc.

The more important issue is how to react to incidents like this.

There are sinister agenda at work to prove everybody that a clash of civilizations between the western civilization and the Islamic world is inevitable. Moreover the most important thing Muslims hate about the west, is their freedom of speech and freedom of expression. The following is what is said recently:

Washington Post editors said "Charlie Hebdo stands for free expression. The West must do no less."

New York Times editors said the "massacre…motivated by hate." Calling what happened "terrorism."

Wall Street Journal editors headlined "Islamist Terror in Paris," saying:

"Wednesday's massacre…is a reminder that jihadism isn't a distant Middle Eastern phenomenon."

"Violent Islam isn't a reaction to poverty or Western policies in the Middle East."

"It is an ideological challenge to Western civilization and principles…"

Los Angeles times editors headlined "Paris terrorists aimed at freedom of expression, we must defend it." Calling the attackers "terrorists."

Chicago Tribune editors headlined "Terror in France." Calling the incident an attempt to "stifle" free expression. London Guardian editors referred to "guns…trained on free speech."

French President Francois Hollande called the attack an assault on "the expression of freedom…the spirit of the republic."

Hard-right National Front leader Marine Le Pen said "the nation is under attack, our culture, our way of life. France must be in the war against Islamic fundamentalism. They are at war against France."

The propaganda is to depict Charlie Hebdo as a beacon for freedom of speech and western values. The following pictures show the creativity process at French satirical magazine Charles Hebdo.



Who benefits from the universal embracement of the type of degenerate and anti-intellectual style of communication that is the trademark at Charles Hebdo?

And what about the “Je Suis Charles” (I am Charlie) hashtag someone launched immediately after the alleged attacks? No matter who was behind that attack, it does not turn a degenerate to a hero.


Why people are so brain-dead that without knowing what Charlie Hebdo is all about, they show their solidarity with them?

If people in west really care about their freedom of speech, they should pay more attention to the fact that such false flag attacks are all about eliminating their freedom altogether.