Muslims don’t need to be apologetic for the crimes committed by others. We just need to inform people that Islamism, or political Islam, or whatever you may name it, is not the only possible culprit.

People need to ask themselves Cui Bono?

it can be simply any of these scenarios:

  • Mossad agents & sayanims who are ready to commit such crimes to inflame Islamophobia.
  • French Right-wing political parties attempt to win the next presidential elections, the same way they inflamed French riots of 2005 & 2007 which caused Sarkozy to win.
  • New World Order's clash of civilization scenario to wipe the Islam out of existence.

But the terrorists were not lone wolves for sure. They were professional commandos with a well-planned plot, and all the details of when they should attack, how to carry the attack, and how to escape the scene.