In the name of Allah, the Merciful to all, the Compassionate

Today a story broke out about a 25-year-old man, named Martin Rouleau, who injured two soldiers in a hit and run and was later fatally shot by police in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, about 40 kilometres southeast of Montreal, Quebec. Apparently, he converted to Islam one year ago and had been “radicalized”. His Facebook page identifies him as Ahmad LeConverti (Ahmad the Converted).

The hit and run occurred around 11:30 a.m. ET when two members of the Canadian Armed Forces were hit by a car in a parking lot of a commercial plaza. Both were injured, one critically. Not long after the two were hit, the car that hit them was spotted by officers, who chased the vehicle for four kilometres. The chase ended when the driver lost control of his car, flipping it into a ditch. Police said the man got out of the vehicle, and several shots were fired by officers. Police said the incident also involved a knife but did not elaborate.

"We found a knife on the ground," said provincial police Sgt. Michel Brunet  "I can't tell you if he had it in his hands at the time."

The question remains unanswered why they cannot tell if he had the knife in his hands at the time of execution?

Every police cruiser has a dash-cam. Presumably the driver of a car which flips in a ditch after a high-speed chase should not be in a shape that can pose a danger to anyone, even if he would wield a knife.

I am not going to elaborate on why what Martin Rouleau did was wrong. That’s obvious. There is no Islamic law allowing killing non-combatant individuals outside of a battlefield. Moreover, as a Muslim, I have never heard any Islamic scholar permits people to take the law in their own hands. Islam is all about respecting law and social norms. So such a young man, who was very new to a faith, would be solely responsible for his deeds and his own interpretation of his faith.

But let’s see who was more radicalized in this story?

A young man who injured two soldiers in a hit and run, ended up in a capsized car in a ditch, hardly can take himself out of his car, let alone posing a danger to the fully armed RCMP officers. So what’s the justification of his execution with several shots? A so-called radicalized and confused young man injures 2 persons, then got killed by more radicalized, trigger happy police.

I really do not expect police in Canada to be on par with Norway’s, and terrorists here to be treated the same way they treated Anders Behring Breivik. Canada always looks to its southern neighbor as a role-model, and what a bad role-model she is.

There are facts that everybody should keep in mind:

  • There are some groups who are taking advantage of the deeds of such lunatics and lone wolves, to turn it to a real clash of civilizations.
  • There are people who are hell bent on proving to both sides that there is no more room for coexistence.
  • There are radical Christians in North America who consider even the most benign versions of Islam as an existential threat.
  • There are Israeli interests, who try to make western countries to wage a proxy war for them in Islamic lands, and they have the control of most well-funded media in Canada, like National Post, and they could seize even the office of prime minister of Canada.

Recently, I have noticed many of such groups are getting more active in social media, day by day, to spread the hate speech against Islam, and the crescendo is alarming.

In the third world countries, you can hardly find any police department which can match the heavy-handed and brutal tactics of Canadian RCMP. I've brought the following video clip from a south american country, in which a police officer risks his own safety to subdue a machete wielding thug, although he has any right to use non-fatal or even fatal force. Over there police is still a human who prefers not to have the blood of a thug on his hands.