Consequences of an EMP Attack on the USA

In the name of Allah, the Merciful to all, the Compassionate

A few days ago, I came across a bit of news about an Iranian plan to conduct an EMP strike against the USA. The news was not, in fact, recent, as I had seen it in prior months. According to James Woolsey, former CIA Director, there are signs that Iran may be working toward an Electromagnetic Pulse strike on the United States.

That’s what TheBlaze quoted from Mr. Woolsey:

Be Nobody’s Valentine

“Be Nobody’s Valentine” is a timeless article of the late Pastor David J. Meyer, about the origin of Valentine’s Day, and why wise people should forget about participating in this ritual:

Each year on February 14th countless millions of people celebrate a day known as “St. Valentine’s Day.” Millions of heart-shaped cards and boxes of chocolates are given as gifts, and even churches have Valentine parties on this so-called “Day of Love.” In schools, from pre-school and kindergarten on up, children draw names from a box and exchange heart-shapes notes which “pair off” the children and is said to be “all in fun.” People of all ages get into the act, and the words that are heard everywhere on that day are, “Be My Valentine.”