Counter-Terrorism Exercise Took Place On Same Day As Paris Terrorist Attacks

Paris Terrorist Attacks on Friday 11/13 was a proof these are only False-Flag drills dressed up as the real deal to mass hypnotize the people:

Source: Global Research

Patrick Pelloux revealed on national radio on Saturday that a “multi-site” emergency exercise was held in Paris on the same day as the Paris attacks on November 13.

[This exercise pertains to an emergency scenario of a terrorist attack. It involves first responders, police, emergency services and medical personnel. Organized by SAMU. It is not a military exercise, GR ed.]

He said that the Paris emergency services were so well prepared, because “by chance” they had been planning for a similar scenario.


“By chance”, (le hasard a fait”) in the morning at the Paris SAMU (EMT), a multi-site attack exercise had been planned.”

“So we were prepared. What needs to be known is there was a mobilisation of police forces, firemen, EMTs, associations who came [to participate] and we tried to save as many people as possible.”

Paris Terrorist Attacks: Chickens Are Coming Home To Roost

In the name of Allah, the Merciful to all, the Compassionate

Yesterday, Friday the 13th, a bloody wave of bombings and shootings happened across Paris that left nearly 130 people dead. Islamic State has claimed responsibility and the French president, François Hollande, denounced as an “act of war” that must be countered “mercilessly”.

But who weaponized and financed the Islamic State or prior organizations in Syria and Iraq, so they can carry such attacks?