In the End, It All Adds Up to – 1/12, or does it?

In the name of Allah, the Merciful to all, the Compassionate

Recently I watched a video clip in which two physicists from the University of Nottingham tried to prove that the sum of 1+2+3+4+5+… is equal to -1/12. At first I thought that it’s a joke, and it reminded me of a comedy classic in which Abbott proved that 13 x 7 = 28:

Hinging Cubes, Art of Erik Aberg

In the following Video clip, you can see the Hinging Cubes that Erik Aberg builds, and he demonstrates how different shapes and structures can be formed using them.

What I really like about this artwork is it helps us to have a better understanding of how parts of an overall design can work together, and how we can improve our designs by utilizing such concepts.

Erik has a website and a facebook page, in which you can find more about his works.

Prophecy: What does it mean?

Please! Don’t tell me prophecy has no place in the modern world. If you think world leaders make decision based on tangible interests of their nations and they evaluate costs and benefits of every decision in a materialistic, secular way, you are living in a fantasy.

Muslim Pundits’ Views about Creation

I recently watched a few video clips about some evidence that humans were roaming planet earth for millions of years. In a documentary named “Origin of Man” it shows some human footprints beside dinosaur footprint dated around 100 million years ago. The other one shows a footprint more than one meter long, dated at least 200 million years ago. That’s why I decided to write this article, and show what some Muslim scholars think about Origin of Man.

Science and Knowledge in other Civilizations

It’s not a secret that the western civilization does its best to ignore other civilizations and attribute all the achievements of the human race to itself. They act like before them, nobody observed an apple falling from a tree, and that it was newton, who for the first time in history, could observe it and conclude that there should be a reason for that, and named it Gravity.

How different are we from chimpanzees?

Today I watched a video clip about the difference between humans and chimpanzees. The speaker claimed that chimpanzees and humans share 99% identical DNA, and all of the difference is about 1%. Then, he wondered how that 1% difference could cause so much advancement in life style and achievements in humans.

I think there are a few points worthy of mention about this subject:

What’s wrong with Academia?

To be brief, lots of things are wrong with Academia, and most of the problems are well-observed and well-documented by academics themselves. Just search for the title of this post and you will find thousands of articles about the subject. However, most of them are about things which are not working for academics, and it’s hard to find something that views the whole picture and discusses whether the whole system is functional and appropriate or not.